!!!  Card order rules


Now you can get ISIC online! Receive your card at the nearest post office or by courier delivery.

How to issue the card?

  1. Fill in the form and specify valid home address, phone number and e-mail (for feedback)
  2. Upload your photo, and photo or scan of the documents (for ISIC, ITIC, IYTC)
    We need documents to verify the reliability of data and your student status at the time of registration, because ISIC, ITIC and IYTC cards are not just discount cards, they are also an international ID.
  3. Pay registration – 200 UAH (for all types of cards)
    Attention: the commission for payment is 3% of the total amount of payment
  4. Choose the type of delivery:
    • Delivery by mail, registered letter – 15.00 UAH (receive notification with the receipt of an order in the mailbox, go to your post office and get your letter)
    • Delivery by courier service KSD (the price depends on the type and place of delivery)

    The time of delivery is from 2 to 7 days and depends on type and distance

  5. Pay the courier delivery and get the package

Delivery is carried out only through Ukraine!

1.  Select card type

ISIC - International Student Identity

ITIC - International Teacher Identity

IYTC - International Certificate of Young Traveler

2.  Upload your photo

Attention! In the file name allowable only letters, numbers and underscore. Picture format should be: *. jpg, *. gif or *. bmp. You can scan a document or photograph them on camera or even a phone! The main thing, so you can clearly make out the text of documents.
1. Your photo ID for:
2. Student or school card, certificate:
3. Passport


3.  Fill your anketa

LastName (printed on card):

FirstName (printed on card):

Date of birth:

Last name:

First name:

Middle name:

Nationality (Country):



Mailing language:
Place of study:



Study type:

Mobile phone number: +38XXXXXXXXXX


For what purpose you arrange the card:
Discounts in Ukraine
Discounts abroad
International passport
Other goal:

Favorite FM-station:
Radio Rocks DJFM
Prosto radio Music radio
Luks fm NRJ

Country residence:


Street address, house, ap.:

Type of housing:

Marital Status:


From where did you know about ISIC:
Site isic.org.ua
Social networks
ISIC акции
Mass media
From friends

4.  Payment and shipping

The total value of payment is: 100.0 UAH per card + shipping

Delivery cost depends on the type of delivery. Please select one of three options:

 Ukrposhta (registered mail) - added 20.00 UAH

 Courier service - cost depends on service type..

IMPORTANT! Properly Put your return address. ISIC Representation in Ukraine is not responsible for errors postal / courier service!
The waiting time obtaining certificates ISIC / ITIC / IYTC to 7 days.

I agree with card issuing rules

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